Thursday, February 28, 2008

Comodo lawan Topi merah .......

Aneh kan comodo lawan topi merah ... siapa bilang itu hewan , benda atau apapun yang beresiko hingga menjurus pertandingan kematian ... bagiku itu sebuah kecanggihan teknologi ...

aku pernah bekerja di sebuah warnet di kawasan depok , sebagai admin suka oprek2x .. yah namanya juga belajar dimana kapanpun ... disitu ada os disitu kita mencoba ..

hal yang menarik pernah cobain redhat .. akhirnya kebobol sama orang :D lain install lagi ehh kebobol lagi .. emang banyak banget bug nya tuh dah gitu neh redhat kenapa lemot ya ... , padahal spesifikasinya sbb :

pentium 3
hardisk 20 GB
ram 128
vga nvdia
monitor 14 inch

kebayangkan kalo minim banget , uhhh untungnya ada orang isp kasih tau pake aja tuh trustix , kebanyakan orang trustix merdeka , beda ini trustix secure linux , coba install squid , firewall , openvpn and stabil ...

jalan dan jalan cool ... commandnya upgrade sederhana banget ... swup --upgrade
sampai saat ini akhirnya selama pake ini puas banget ... dan stabil ...

untuk download bisa di , yah ini sebagai perbandingan jika pentium 3 sebaiknya pakai trustix versi 2.2 ....

neh comparenya antara comodo lawan topi merah

Trustix™ vs RedHat
Why Trustix™ Secure Linux better addresses the needs of corporate servers

Both Trustix™ and Red Hat offer distributions that are aimed at the enterprise server market. In this document we shall explain why Trustix™ Secure Linux is better equipped to meet the needs of mission critical server deployments.
Security vs. Software Proliferation

The packages in Trustix™ Secure Linux have been carefully picked based on their security history and design. When several packages can provide the same functionality, we always select the one with the best security.

For example- Red Hat ships with both the notoriously insecure Sendmail MTA, and the more secure Postfix MTA. Trustix Secure Linux has only the SSL/TLS enabled postfix included- decreasing the chance that an administrator will install an insecure package.

Red Hat are proud of this proliferation and actually add packages as you move up through their operating system hierarchy. This means that the server version has more running services and applications than the workstation version. (Indeed, Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES/AS is designed to run on workstations as well as servers!!!)

More packages means:-

* More potential security holes
* More server configuration
* More dependency issues
* More drain on system resources
* Less efficient server performance

This is contradictory to the philosophy and mission of Trustix™ Secure Linux. By streamlining the distribution to include only the most secure server essential Linux packages we deliver the most efficient, stable and secure Linux distribution available. Your new server is stable enough to run for years with minimal administrative intervention- allowing your business to benefit from lower TCO from day one.

Trustix™ Secure Linux is for servers and servers only.
Secure Updates

Trustix has SWUP™, Red Hat has The Red Hat Network Update Module. SWUP™ is the more versatile and cost effective option when you need to upgrade your installation.

* SWUP™ enables administrators to secure update installations of Trustix™ Secure Linux from any media (CD, Mirror Servers, FTP, Web Server etc) using GPG signature verification- free of charge. Red Hat offers the same functionality via their Proxy and Satellite Architecture Models. Unfortunately, these options require the $2500 purchase of Red Hat Enterprise AS Premium. The Satellite model is even more expensive- demanding a separate server to run an Oracle Database. This is on top of the $2500 cost of Red Hat Premium AS- and you still need to license the Oracle server separately!! SWUP™ enables you to update your installations across networks using remote media such as internal FTP, CD, LAN Servers, Proxy Servers- securely and completely free of charge when you buy Trustix™ Secure Linux. (SWUP functionality is free during the period of subscription to one of the Trustix™ Secure Linux packages)
* SWUP™ can, due to the verification of GPG signatures, use any mirror site securely. Red Hat's up2date depends on the RH distribution servers. This means that Red Hat users rely solely on the availability of the official Red Hat servers. SWUP™ is able to check the integrity of the update package so you can upgrade your installation from a wide range of Trustix™ mirror servers, your own local mirror or any Trustix™ controlled server. By using mirrors as well as its own servers, Trustix™ removes the single point of failure that would occur should the Red Hat servers fail.
* SWUP™ maintains the privacy of the users by creating the list of packages to update locally. Red Hat's updates transfers a lot of information to the update servers (including, but not limited to: your current hardware configuration and a list of all software installed). This information is stored on these servers. The arrangement is documented in their End User License Agreement.

Secure Default Installation

Trustix™ Secure Linux ships with only essential, server specific packages and no remote services running. There is simply no way anyone can break into a Trustix™ Secure Linux, out of the box, default configuration. Red Hat ships with a lot more packages with no real consistency, some services enabled, some not. Red Hat has no defined policy about the default status of installed services, and it's up to the user to decide if a running service is a security threat. This means that a default installation of Trustix is much less vulnerable to attacks than the default installation of Red Hat.
Secure Default Configuration

Trustix™ provide secure defaults for its services, Red Hat does not. Trustix™ Secure Linux ships with updated installation media, saving administrators from having to immediately update the installation- the latest security and bugfix updates are installed from the installation CD. Typically, when you install a new machine, there is a window where potentially critical updates have not yet been installed. With Trustix™ Secure Linux, there is no such window, because your system preinstalled with the latest updates.

Red Hat, on the other hand, leaves this window wide open. There will be a number of services running but the daemons providing you these services are not up to date and may contain security issues. Red Hat makes you download additional 400MB just to secure the software you just installed. In contrast, Trustix™ Secure Linux represents immediate security and functionality out of the box.

nggak ngerti artinya pusing gampang neh link buat translate tuh english ..

neh dapet dari blog, isengiseng mungkin berguna kali aja pada liburan ke luar negri

ini link downloadnya :

Ini link terbarunya

Ini yang versi portable

makasih buat : warnet mynet depok buat pencerahan ....
temen-temen op warnet mynet
mas isp yang kasih tau saya ( lupa namanya )...
dan semua temen-temen boc ...

Google Power

Kerja di bagian fault handling banyak membuat diri gw semakin percaya google , kenapa ... mulai dari pc personal sampai password2x default modem hingga ... router cisco , command2x unix .... mayan deh bisa tahu , howto2x , .... soalnya banyak temen tanya ini apa itu apa sih .... ya gw terkadang langsung aja liat google ... cari deh keynya bahkan saking kuatnya si om google dimanfaatkan oleh hacker sebagai port yang lumayan yummy ...

neh liat aja di

Ready for some advanced tips? Try using the Keyword Tool to:

* Find keywords based on your site content. Instead of entering your own keywords, try using the Website Content option. It lets you enter the URL of your business website, or of any site related to your business. The AdWords system will then scan your page and then suggest relevant keywords. (This feature is available only in some languages.) Don't hesitate to enter the URLs of related sites, or even of your competitors' sites, to learn what keywords they might be advertising on themselves.
* Create new, separate ad groups with similar keywords. We recommend creating several ad groups in each campaign, each with a small, narrowly-focused set of similar keywords. Use the Keyword Tool to discover relevant keywords, then divide them into lists of 5 to 20 similar terms. See examples of ad groups promoting a single product or service and multiple products or services.
* Identify negative keywords. The Keyword Tool can show you off-topic keywords that users may be thinking about. Suppose you sell cut flowers and you give the Keyword Tool the keyword "flowers." It may suggest the related term "gardens," and you may want to add that term to your ad group as a negative keyword. That will keep your ad from showing on searches for "flower gardens" or similar terms. This helps make sure only interested customers see your ads.
* Find synonyms - or not. The Use synonyms box in the Descriptive words or phrases option is always checked by default. (This means it might suggest "bed and breakfast" as a synonym for the keyword "hotel.") If you uncheck the box, the tool will suggest only keywords that contain at least one of the terms that you entered.
* Specify a language and location. If you're using the Keyword Tool while signed in to your account, you may see an option to tailor results to a particular location and language. If you happen to be targeting Spanish speakers who live in France, make sure you set the Keyword Tool to that language and location.
* Start broad and then get specific. Try broad terms like "flowers" in the Keyword Tool first. Then try specific terms like "red roses" or "miniature cactus."

Siang ini nggak ada yang berbeda semua sama aja :D ......

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Aku memang Aneh ....

ups aneh ... ya ... jika dianggap orang aneh ya its okey , karena dengan keanehan ini bisa looking around dan mencari sesuatu memandang langit menjelajah jagat maya ... untuk cari sesuatu yang baru ... didunia ini banyak keanehan yang ditemukan ... alien , pesawat ufo ... , segitiga bermuda , piramid , spinx hingga penemuan-penemuan aneh binatang purba ... bagiku wajar ... karena penciptaan sang maha karya tak ternilai dan saya percaya itu semua ...

jika saya sebutkan website aneh apakah ada ? mari bandingkan dengan hal diatas ... ruang imaginer anda kembangkan ke arah yang lebih real ...

jika tarik benang lurus pernah sadar nggak sih ... anda melihat sebuah ajakan dari seseorang dari email ... yang membawa anda menuju keanehan ... yap metode phising ...

source :

Tidak diragukan lagi bahwa perkembangan teknologi internet sudah maju pesat. Namun, juga tidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa teknologi internet ini juga berbanding lurus dengan perkembangan cyber crime.

Jika dulu kejahatan internet hanya berkutat seputar virus atau worm, sekarang lebih ganas lagi. Kejahatan internet sudah melangkah ke babak lebih baru yang disebut phising.

Apa itu? phising adalah teknik mendapatkan username dan password dari suatu account dengan sebuah halaman tipuan. Tujuan akhirnya? Tentu saja menggunakan account yang berhasil dibajak untuk keperluan lain sesuai pembajak.

Bagaimana cara kerja teknik phising? Mudah. Melalui software-software pembangun halaman web yang banyak beredar di pasar, tidak sulit membuat disain halaman sama persis dengan halaman login seperti Yahoo.

Jika dilihat sekilas, halaman tiruan akan terlihat sama. Tapi jika diteliti lagi, akan terlihat perbedaan yang mudah dilihat pada address. Jika halaman asli Yahoo, maka akan terlihat Sedangkan halaman tipuan itu akan menampilkan alamat seperti atau web hosting (situs yang digunakan untuk menampilkan web buatan sendiri) lain.

Kita benar-benar menjadi korban phising ketika mulai mengisi username dan password. Memang tidak ada tanda-tanda yang menunjukkan ada sesuatu yang tidak beres. Pengguna tetap masuk ke account seperti semula. Tapi tahukah anda? Sebelum masuk ke account, terjadi beberapa tahap pencurian.

Username dan password yang kita masukan di halaman tipuan akan disimpan dan dikirim pada kreator phising. Baru kemudian halaman web diforward ke halaman login asli dan masuk ke account pengguna seperti biasanya.

Yang jadi pertanyaan, bagaimana kita diarahkan menuju halaman tipuan? Salah satunya adalah dengan penggantian register. Dengan teknik ini, ketika ingin menuju suatu situs, maka kita akan dibelokkan ke halaman tipuan secara otomatis.

Selain cara diatas, juga ada kemungkinan lain yang lebih frontal. Kita akan diberi tawaran membuka sebuah halaman. Namun setelah diklik, kita akan menuju web login tipuan. Jika tidak berpikir panjang dan jeli, maka user pasti langsung mengisi username dan password.

Untuk mengalahkan kejahatan phising, dianjurkan secara rutin untuk mengganti password agar tidak mudah dicuri. Selain itu, tiap kali masuk halaman web, perhatikan dengan seksama address-nya. Halaman tipuan atau bukan.

pernah dengar kasus diubah menjadi dll gunanya membuat jebakan ....

ok pernah tahun 2004 anda pernah mendengar ? yap disana menggunakan fungsi MLM yang saat itu digunakan untuk mendapat pulsa reward dll , hingga suatu saat ada keanehan yang saya buat dan membawa saya mencoba phising ini ...

saya copy halaman depan , edit pakai php yang membuat si korban jika memasukkan username dan password akan terkirim melalui email , cari key di google untuk ingat ada mlm ada promosi !!! ... wajar ... , saya buat spamming yang sekiranya saya dapat kirim sebanyak-banyaknya .... ke si korban ... hingga suatu esok harinya saya buka kembali email ... ternyata si korban telah terjebak ... hingga saya mendapat puluhan account yang membuat saya bisa isi pulsa ... gilanya lagi ... saya pernah membuat menjebak kelas millist saya disaat kuliah dulu ... dan saat itu pula saya sudah pegang beberapa account teman-teman saya ... dan saya buktikan ke teman-teman hasil keanehan yang saya temukan ... hingga mereka mengakuinya aku orang yang aneh ...

aku sadar aku memang aneh .....

Sunday, February 24, 2008

LEAD the Music .........

Daripada beli effect guitar yang real mending pake aja software dibawah ini mayan ... pasang ke laptop input dari gitar output ke sound system .. and lets rock start ...

download2x ........