Hack Affiliate Program

This goin happen , 4 Years ago ... , when i'm still student in university , as student is really really happy when i've new phone , yeah ... new phone product from nokia 3330, but how the voucher ? what kind i do for buy ? its very expensive , in this era telecomunications have a monopoly , one operator who have a power its can be join the market.

ok this point ill give you story. In 2005 voucher affiliate program is popular , im search google with key : topup.com ( as the example ) , there a are many people who promotion this affiliate , wow great i got this idea ....

second method : social engineering , i have one site and owned by me with id=root ,
just copy topup.com i made same face with it hehehe , LOL , send the victim to browsing my shit site ...

username : blablabla
password : bla bla bla

and finally , got 100 account hehehehe LOL ( i try this method in class millist and its work LOL and i can read they inbox ) sorry dude

ok back to the topic again ...

next step .. i'm login into topup.com site and i can top up my voucher and i can call everyone and its freeee ... ( balance = rp 300.000 )... hehehehe

This is for educational only ... i'm just share experince for everyone ...


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