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Hacking Sms Centre

this story is begun when i have the nokia phone 3330 series , join forum community and get infomation about seeking sms centre in this country , when in 2003 indonesia have three operator selular like telkomsel , indosat and proxl , and i have three collection with that , hmm maybe 10 sim card i'd have in my stuff

about 5 hour per day im start with seeking sms centre with my old nokia phones.

binggo my seeker find the one sms centre :... Indosat : +62855000904-906 ( im3 ) the enigma ive got charge Rp -5.000.000 ( im3 ) LOL hahahahahaha

but now is closed and not free again ...

download :

there is thousand smscentre in this world , be patient for seeking. im just share this for educational only , now in this year send message with sms i think very cheap and is your choice ...

greets to : fulvian , crushbonez for share this software