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inspiration will not end its just beginning ...

Now 6.30 PM , im still in the front of computer , preparing monthly report and spent little time with listen this music, its make me relax for a while , running with remote 18 shell box , is she superstar ? im say yes ... remembering .....

Aphrodite ...

Have u try gOS ??

Improving the Linux user experience...

Since our debut in 2007, gOS has been praised for being the most beautiful and easiest to use Linux operating system on the market. Now with our third and best version of gOS, we have carried on our effort to create a Linux for the rest of us.

..with Google Gadgets

Turn on your computer to a desktop full of your favorite widgets, fresh with live, personalized content just for you. We want to personally thank the Google Gadgets for Linux team for their efforts.

Read this :

last release : gOS 3.1 Gadgets (SP1)

have u try gOS ??

Search Wiki From Shell Box

if you have a shell box ( unix ) you can search wiki , the simple command like this

dig +short txt

as example :

dig +short txt

source :

just spend a little time

This song i heard when in 1993 and it taken from The Album Format Masa Depan - Dewa 19 , ill remember this story , im just spend a little time for sharing my story ...

Ten Story love Song - Indonesian Love Song .......

Simple Trick to disconnect Yahoo Messenger

I have simple trick , how make your friend disconnect in your list , first of all

You can broadcast message like this :

Secret of Yahoo messenger 9

in your “type some contact information” you can input this :

and press enter , you will find the big secret of Yahoo messenger 9 .

hope you enjoy it ...


i think yahoo messenger have bug ...

if you browsing in this site , is the page cannot be found and its not worm :) , LOL

Hack Affiliate Program

This goin happen , 4 Years ago ... , when i'm still student in university , as student is really really happy when i've new phone , yeah ... new phone product from nokia 3330, but how the voucher ? what kind i do for buy ? its very expensive , in this era telecomunications have a monopoly , one operator who have a power its can be join the market.

ok this point ill give you story. In 2005 voucher affiliate program is popular , im search google with key : ( as the example ) , there a are many people who promotion this affiliate , wow great i got this idea ....

second method : social engineering , i have one site and owned by me with id=root ,
just copy i made same face with it hehehe , LOL , send the victim to browsing my shit site ...

username : blablabla
password : bla bla bla

and finally , got 100 account hehehehe LOL ( i try this method in class millist and its work LOL and i can read they inbox ) sorry dude

ok back to the topic again ...

next step .. i'…